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Shirt Fabrics
Organic cotton and natural colors

Alea devotes great attention, in its constant research work, to fabrics.

he results are the innovations made by Alea in the world of men’s shirts in Italy, with the presentation of new proposals, without forgetting the sartorial aspect and the attention to details and the typical Italian style that have always distinguished it.

Particular attention has been paid to organic and highly performing technical fabrics.

Organic fabrics represent Alea’s great interest in the important issue of environmental sustainability, which is now characterizing the production processes of the fashion world. We cannot remain indifferent, and in this Alea shows once again its innovative imprint: the fibers used are obtained from organic farming processes, which guarantee a textile product obtained in compliance with careful environmental and social indications. All the production phases, from the cultivation of natural fibres to the successive phases of transformation, are involved and must follow rigid protocols, which favor the saving of water, energy, the reduced use of chemical pesticides and the complete traceability.

The results are 100% pure cotton fibers, 100% pure linen or flannel, in all their multiple variations.

Some colors of our fabrics are also of biological origin. In the dyeing processes of the solid color fabrics, pigments naturally present in the plants are used. Pigments that, after being extracted and properly processed, allow to obtain colors naturally alive.

The use of these natural fibers, with a particular focus on organic and recycled cotton, allow us to offer a shirt, a classic under jacket or even a more sporty one, which maintains the high quality and refinement of the fabrics used, such as single or double twisted yarns, despite their eco-sustainable origin.

In the sporty line, more specific finishes are used for this type of product, since it requires greater fabric resistance to best suit the most dynamic daily occasions.

Quality and comfort
Stile italiano

The technical fabrics, the result of bi-stretch technology, instead allow to offer a product that can be in step with the new needs of contemporary man. A shirt able to maintain high quality standards, without forgetting the most comfortable and fashionable look.

The composition of the fabrics, characterized mainly by polyamide and elastane fibers, allows to offer a shirt that keeps unchanged its sartorial cut, but at the same time acquires all those characteristics of highly performing technical fabrics.

Alea manages to perfectly combine these two dimensions: thanks to the double twisted stretch fabrics, the classic shirt evolves, perfectly adapting to the body and ensuring incomparable comfort and quality performance.

But it is in the most colorful and trendy lines that this type of fabric is able to express itself totally: prints and textures are enhanced in their colorful patterns, increasingly sought after and in line with the latest trends.

Last but not least, the technical fabrics keep their colors unchanged even after more than 10 washing cycles compared to traditional fibers, they are extremely easy to care.

Thanks to the wrinkle free treatment, they dry quickly and do not require ironing, also managing to offer a thermoregulating action on the skin, which allows body moisture produced by sweat to be expelled easily and protect from UV rays.

All without sacrificing the elegance and style of a shirt which, in a comfort version, is still confirmed to be the prince of the male wardrobe.